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Welcome to Strategic Marketing and Design

Our company offers a few simple premises:

Marketing does matter
There is no universal solution
Budgets determine direction, not outcomes 

What we offer:

Dan Black, has a BFA in Communication Arts and over 25 years of experience doing branding, advertising/public relations, print, and digital, corporate and international communications for a variety of big and small firms. These firms include Rubbermaid, AP & Purolator to name drop as well as smaller firms like Tide Tamer Waterfront Products & TxF Products. They include packaged goods, automotive, real estate development, medical and scientific marketing..

The knowledge to print anything, make your website actually be found and viewed by people looking your services, do photography you didn’t think possible & make you money far beyond the cost of our services..

Consistency that makes an impact.

What we don’t do:

• We don’t tell you we know your business better than you do. 
• Fail to listen to what you have to say.
• Insist on our way or the highway.
• Blow with the breeze.

Experience matters: 

Without experience your design firm is advising you on their, and/or your, best guess as to what will or will not work. Most companies cannot afford to spend massive dollars collecting and analyzing data to reinforce or change their inclinations. A wealth of experience utilized properly can offer perspective on creative decision-making.



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