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Smart Phones & Dumb Retailers

UPC code APP for smart phones
There is an APP (application) you can have on your smart phone (Red Laser) that uses your camera feature to read a bar code (UPC codes on retail packages). When scanned the APP de…

As Walmart Goes So Goes America

The last few years have seen some striking trends from America’s largest retailer and one of the biggest employers. Walmart has a unique customer base. Only about half of Wa…

Marketing to the Damaged Consumer

By the end of 2008 marketing and our economy had changed significantly. Let’s assess the changes going on 5 years removed from the “Great Recession”. Consumers a…

Sales Telling You To Change Your Behavior?

It’s pretty obvious from looking at the two graphs that consumer expectations and behavior have changed since 2008 and they have not reverted back to form. The da…

Social Media and Blogging

Social Media is a descriptive term for all the interactive applications that enable people to connect themselves.  Facebook and YouTube are prime examples of ways to find friends …

The Rebirth of Branding

There seems to be a convergence of events as a result of the economic downturn. The sudden loss of consumer spending, financial downturn and new government actions has led to a re…

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